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Is your vehicle breaking down and in need of repair? Selecting from various brands can be puzzling and expensive if not done correctly.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with two types of vehicle parts - OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Aftermarket Parts.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts have been made by the vehicle’s manufacturer and are the original parts used in making the vehicle. It may also be a replacement part approved by the maker.

Aftermarket Parts is a term often used for non-OEM replacement parts.

Aftermarket vs. OEM

Aftermarket PROS:
• Usually cheaper than OEM.
• Some aftermarket parts were created equal, while some outperform OEM parts in terms of quality.

• More brands available = more choices for you.

• More available in different repair shops

Aftermarket CONS:
• Some may have inferior quality due to the kind of material used.
• Selecting the right part may be very challenging due to extensive inventory.

• No hassle; you get the exact, original part for your vehicle without the guess work.
• Better quality assurance; the replacement part is just as good.

• Available warranty; most come with a 1-year warranty.

• More Expensive; these tend to cost over 60% more than aftermarket parts.
• Limited branches; they are sold exclusively in dealers’ shops.

• Some OEMs may not be as durable as the higher quality Aftermarket parts.


To be on the safer side, its best to buy OEM parts for your vehicle than risk with unrecognized aftermarket parts. However, if you have done enough research on the quality of available aftermarket parts, you may opt for that as long as you purchase only from credible sources.

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