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Aside from that, registered users get the best possible pricing and a risk-free purchase.

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22 January 2010. New Zealand has launched "Grab a car" via its website.

“Grab a car” enables registered customers to purchase from 4 – 6 vehicle bargains every Monday to Friday from 12pm – 4pm.

Customers simply click on the vehicle photo which leads them to a detailed vehicle checklist. Once the "Buy Now" button is clicked, an automated live chat window opens to confirm the purchase with an online sales representative. New Zealand is the premier supplier of used Japanese vehicles throughout New Zealand with five branches nationwide. With regular shipments from Japan New Zealand offers the widest selection at competitive wholesale prices.

Interested buyers and applicants may sign up for free or log in at or call +64 9 257 0070 for further assistance.

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Is your vehicle breaking down and in need of repair? Selecting from various brands can be puzzling and expensive if not done correctly.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with two types of vehicle parts - OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Aftermarket Parts.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts have been made by the vehicle’s manufacturer and are the original parts used in making the vehicle. It may also be a replacement part approved by the maker.

Aftermarket Parts is a term often used for non-OEM replacement parts.

Aftermarket vs. OEM

Aftermarket PROS:
• Usually cheaper than OEM.
• Some aftermarket parts were created equal, while some outperform OEM parts in terms of quality.

• More brands available = more choices for you.

• More available in different repair shops

Aftermarket CONS:
• Some may have inferior quality due to the kind of material used.
• Selecting the right part may be very challenging due to extensive inventory.

• No hassle; you get the exact, original part for your vehicle without the guess work.
• Better quality assurance; the replacement part is just as good.

• Available warranty; most come with a 1-year warranty.

• More Expensive; these tend to cost over 60% more than aftermarket parts.
• Limited branches; they are sold exclusively in dealers’ shops.

• Some OEMs may not be as durable as the higher quality Aftermarket parts.


To be on the safer side, its best to buy OEM parts for your vehicle than risk with unrecognized aftermarket parts. However, if you have done enough research on the quality of available aftermarket parts, you may opt for that as long as you purchase only from credible sources.

IBC Japan Parts is a reputable source of quality OEM and Aftermarket parts and accessories for your vehicle maintenance and accessorizing needs. Simply log on to IBC Japan Parts to get started. Registration is FREE and easy!

ATTENTION Christchurch Registered Motor Vehicle Traders:

AutoTerminal Christchurch recently relocated to 162 Montreal St and has Opening Specials for you to purchase! Register now to avail of these Opening Specials! Registration is FREE!
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Regular servicing of your vehicle can minimize the risk of major repair bills and should ensure reliability, but there are some basic checks and maintenance you can carry out yourself.

Here are a few basic maintenance items you can carry out.

Wash your vehicle on a regular basis. This will ensure the paint condition will be maintained. Polish paintwork periodically to protect the paint and maintain shine.

Engine Oil –
Check engine oil regularly. Watch for oil leaks under vehicle and have remedied. Have oil and filter changed at manufacturers recommended intervals.

Lights –
Check operation of all lights on a regular basis.

Power steering –
Fluid levels on power steering should be checked when vehicle is serviced. If you notice the level is low this normally indicates a leak – have this checked by your servicing garage.

Screen wash –
Regularly check and refill screen wash when needed. A good quality additive will ensure better cleaning.

Tyres –
Check tyre pressures regularly, including spare wheel. Visually check for wear on tyres. If unsure your local tyre dealer will usually do this free of charge. If uneven tyre wear is noticed a wheel alignment will be needed.

Water –
Check engine coolant in the reservoir. Never remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot. Top up reservoir as necessary. Ensure antifreeze is the correct concentration. This should be done as part of regular servicing.

Wipers –
Replace wiper blade refills when necessary. Your local parts supplier can supply these.

If you notice anything unusual when driving your vehicle or if any warning lights show on the dash have it checked at your local dealer as soon as possible.

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According to IMVDA’s recent report, used-vehicle registrations have persistently fallen.

The global struggle continues to loom and to survive the recession, dealers must only transact with a reputable source. New Zealand (ATNZ) is New Zealand’s largest wholesaler of used Japanese imports and why wouldn’t it be? Here are 5 reasons why ATNZ is the best:

1. E2E quality assurance

E2E or end to end is ATNZ’s stringent quality control system. You are assured that all vehicles have gone through: accident and damage inspections, full interior and exterior cleaning, odometer certification, stolen vehicle check, MAF inspections, mechanical inspections, WOF compliance, mechanical inspections and grooming.

2. Massive used vehicle inventory

ATNZ’s got over 4,000+ quality used vehicles for you to choose from. Not only that; if you haven’t found what you’ve been looking for, you may pre order and let ATNZ find it for you.

3. Specials sent straight to your inbox

Signing up is free and you can receive hot bargains and fresh imports via email.

4. Delivery service

You don’t have to move a muscle. For an added fee, ATNZ can arrange the delivery of your vehicles.

5. Unparalleled 24/7 customer assistance

You can chat, skype or email an ATNZ representative any time. New Zealand (ATNZ) is proud to announce its new End to End quality control system or E2E. E2E is an intensive quality control system comprised of vehicle history checks, mechanical and structural inspections, compliance, panel and paint when needed and finally, a full interior and exterior groom on all imported vehicles. We at ATNZ have appointed certified technicians and partnered with reputable agencies namely: AA New Zealand and VSS (Vehicle Safety Systems) to ensure all vehicles not only meet NZTA standards, but exceed them.

Click here to read more about E2E in the ATNZ website.